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Online Programs

Become a part of a community of learners just like you. Part-time, full-time, and online degree programs designed for adult learners who want to complete their degree and advance their career.


Covers the basics of economics and statistics, with a deep dive into cost accounting, federal income tax and auditing—all through a faith framework.


The online B.A. in Communication Arts at Gordon stands at the intersection of creativity, strategy and vision, offering a robust platform for diverse careers in a digital age.


Develop in-demand skills and make an immediate impact in your workplace as you lay the building blocks for excellence as an agile, faithful business leader.

  • Digital marketing concentration
  • Human resource management concentration
  • Management concentration
  • Marketing concentration
  • Supply chain management concentration

Empower organizations and individuals to maximize their wealth and steward their resources. Covers the basics of micro- and macroeconomics, accounting and statistics, with a deep dive into financial markets, investments, financial planning and risk management.


Extensive finance and business training through the lens of Christian values and ethics
A focused curriculum builds a strong foundation for success in the finance industry, promotes the development of analytical and leadership skills, and prepares students for relevant certification tests, such as the CFA, CPA and CMA exams.


Covering the fundamentals of business and leadership through a framework of faith, the fully online B.A. in Organizational Leadership will equip you for a meaningful career in management marked by expertise and integrity.