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The Next Chapter for Gordon: What's New?

Launched as a missionary training institute, Gordon’s history is one of transition: from a Bible college to a college of theology and missions to today’s Christian liberal arts college. As we embark on a new chapter, we stand on the shoulders of a long history of adaptable resilience. 

Gordon’s commitment to educating and preparing people who live out the Christian faith in every sector of society remains unchanged, even in changing times. We have a unique opportunity to respond to what we are hearing from prospective families and what we are seeing unfold within the higher education marketplace. Specifically, how can Gordon become more affordable and more adaptable while remaining anchored in Christ? How do we create options that can save students time or money—or both—in attaining a Gordon degree?

Meeting this vital commitment for our students and families will be realized through new entry points for a Gordon College education, which we are currently describing in these three forms:

whats new

A new track: Gordon Accelerated. This is a “fast-track” option for students looking to combine a more traditional residential experience while saving time and money in earning a Gordon degree with pathways that emphasize the most essential aspects of the educational experience. The College will expand upon efforts already undertaken in certain programs (see Gordon Plus) to build clear pathways for the undergraduate program that can be completed within three years’ time. Additionally, we envision launching a January intersession term for the 2020–21 academic year as well as moving toward a more robust summer term to help shorten time-to-degree for virtually all programs.

A new school: Gordon Extended. The Board of Trustees approved a plan to move forward in creating a new School for Graduate, Professional and Extended Studies. Under this umbrella, Gordon will enhance pre-collegiate and post-collegiate programs, including, for example, dual enrollment opportunities and “stackable” credentials, allowing students to earn certificates that fold into complete degree programs. 

A new model: Gordon Global. Gordon’s future online arm will make courses and degrees accessible to anyone, anywhere. A key objective for the College’s future vitality is reinvestment in opportunities for strategic growth, particularly in developing a greatly expanded digital education capacity for the College to serve not only current students in the traditional program, but for Gordon’s graduate programs and a new array of extension program opportunities within the new School for Graduate, Professional and Extended Studies to reach learners at different stages of educational interest.