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The Next Chapter for Gordon

Education plus preparation
For 130 years, Gordon College has been preparing the people of God for the work of God. Today our mission remains the same, but cultural and market realities require a forward-thinking shift in how we approach and achieve that mission.

The changes

Gordon is taking proactive steps to address market realities and ensure its ability to thrive and grow in a dynamic environment within higher education. The next chapter for the College centers on becoming more affordable and more adaptable while still committed to the liberal arts and anchored in Christ. Learn more about changes in the academic program and Gordon’s bold vision for the future ➔

The market

The landscape of higher education is changing rapidly, and Gordon must respond. We have chosen to make hard decisions as a proactive measure to ensure that a Gordon degree retains its value and longevity even as other institutions grapple with a different outcome. Learn more about the changing market for higher education ➔

The process

Over the course of the 2018–19 academic year, the College has undergone a budget reset process to align ongoing expenses with ongoing revenues and to ensure a strong financial foundation for the future. Learn more about the budget priorities process ➔


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