What Others Are Saying

Michael Lindsay is a terrific choice for president of Gordon College. Scholar-presidents are great, and Dr. Lindsay is truly a top-quality scholar. Unlike most academics, however, he also operates with confidence and grace at a national level among people with influence and means, and so will significantly enhance Gordon’s visibility, stature, and resource base. Add to that the fact that Lindsay brings to the job highly-skilled leadership, youthful energy, and rock-solid Christian commitment and devotion, and the conclusion is perfectly clear: Gordon has picked a winner for its next president. What good news!

Christian Smith (Gordon ’83)
William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Sociology, University of Notre Dame
Director of the Center for the Study of Religion and Society, the Center for Social Research, and the Science of Generosity Initiative

I cannot imagine a better fit for Gordon's next chapter than Michael Lindsay, with his careful and joyful intellectual curiosity, his personal warmth, and his organizational acumen. Michael has not only studied and written about leaders who are deeply formed by following Christ, he is such a leader. This is a thrilling moment for those of us who count ourselves Michael's, and Gordon College's, friends.

Andy Crouch
Speaker and Author, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling

D. Michael Lindsay is a noted scholar, writer, and lecturer whose publications have received considerable acclaim in several disciplines, including sociology, American studies, and religion. He is especially known for his award-winning book, Faith in the Halls of Power. Dr. Lindsay brings the kind of intellect, training, energy, and vision that will contribute valuably to Gordon College and more broadly to Christian higher education.

Robert Wuthnow
Andlinger Professor of Social Sciences, Princeton University
Chair, Department of Sociology
Director, Center for the Study of Religion

We are privileged to have known Michael Lindsay and his wife Rebecca since he was a PhD candidate at Princeton University. An accomplished scholar, researcher, writer, and teacher, Michael’s talents have been recognized at every institution with which he has been affiliated. More importantly, he is a man of deep Christian faith, whose humility and love for others characterize all that he does. Michael's visionary leadership style reflects his desire to serve both our Lord and others. Gordon College is abundantly blessed to have a college president of the stature, abilities, and integrity of Dr. Michael Lindsay.

Dennis and Eileen Bakke
Founders and Co-Chairs, Mustard Seed Foundation

Michael Lindsay is a gifted academic and scholar with a lively evangelical faith. He is also a warm and charismatic leader with genuine integrity. I am certain that Michael will distinguish himself as one of the new generation of significant leaders in the evangelical world for years to come. I can’t imagine a better choice to be the next president of Gordon College: clearly the right person for such a significant and strategic institution.

Rebecca Manley Pippert
Author and International Speaker

Of all the young men with whom I worked during my fifty years of polling, Michael is the clear standout. He is a man of solid character, highly knowledgeable, and an eager learner, with a rare humility. I can’t think of a better person to head up Gordon College.

George Gallup, Jr.
Founding Chairman, George H. Gallup International Institute

Michael Lindsay is an outstanding scholar and faithful Christian with a vision for excellence that will enrich and advance the historic mission of Gordon College. His appointment as president will consolidate the growing reputation of Gordon College nationally and internationally, both as a center of academic excellence and as a servant of the church.

Alister E. McGrath
Professor of Theology, King’s College, London
Ministry and Education Head, Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture

The evangelical movement has never needed thoughtful, wise, substantive leadership more than now. And Michael Lindsay has the gifts, training and temperament to offer it with richness and depth. His leadership at Gordon will be a huge contribution to the academic community as well as to each one of us who seeks to love God with all our mind.

John Ortberg
Senior Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

I have known Dr. Michael Lindsay personally for over fifteen years. With remarkable intellectual acumen, he distinguished himself early during his studies at Baylor and Princeton and in his professional collaboration with George Gallup. Warm and engaging, Dr. Lindsay is a recognized scholar, a published author, an articulate speaker, and an energetic leader. He represents a generation that longs to see Christian education assume a more significant national role in our post-modern era. Dr. Lindsay’s extraordinary gifts will enable him to lead Gordon College with a vision toward its greater prominence.

Robert Gustafson
Headmaster, The Stony Brook School

As an alumnus, I am thrilled by the board's selection of Michael Lindsay as the new president of Gordon College. Michael is an accomplished scholar who strives for excellence and integrity in all he does. He brings that excellence into the classroom, research and public square. He is also one who understands the critical times in which we live and is able to speak with creativity and conviction about the need for holistic Christian engagement in the world. As a friend, I can attest to his integrity, both personally and professionally, and I trust his leadership.

Jennifer Jukanovich (Gordon ’94)
Communications Specialist, CARANA Corporation, Rwanda

As a Gordon alumnus, I am excited that Dr. Michael Lindsay will be the next president of Gordon College. Dr. Lindsay brings a rare combination of skills to Gordon—accomplished scholar, thought-leader, a record of strong college leadership, and a deep Christian commitment. I believe he is the right person to strengthen and forward the Gordon vision “to prepare the people of God to do the work of God in bold and creative ways.” I congratulate the Gordon College Board of Trustees for making this bold decision.

Jim Belcher, Ph.D. (Gordon ’87)
Author of Deep Church

Michael Lindsay is, above all, a deeply rooted Christian man, genuinely scholarly but down to earth, equally comfortable with lay people and seasoned academics. He is incredibly generous and universally liked. He is rather naturally an imaginative leader who engenders both strong respect and enduring loyalty. Best of all, he is superbly trained in helping organizations identify themselves and move forward courageously—and with unity. He is likely to become one of the great college presidents of this generation.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren

Founder & Chairman, eHarmony.com

Michael Lindsay is a first-rate leader who brings to the Gordon presidency a wealth of talent and a range of experiences. Not only is he a great scholar with a terrific mind, but he also has impressive leadership qualities that will advance Gordon College in significant ways. I am a fan of both Michael and Gordon, and I see this as a fantastic match.

Myron E. (Mike) Ullman, III

Chairman & CEO, J.C. Penney Company

I have long admired Gordon College as a marvelously vital center for Christian liberal arts education. I also admire my good friend Michael Lindsay, a gifted scholar-leader. Michael as Gordon's new president—an excellent match!

Richard J. Mouw
President, Fuller Theological Seminary

Michael Lindsay has contributed a remarkable amount to Rice over the last five years. We congratulate Gordon College on its bold choice for a new president. Although we will miss Michael greatly, we wish him well in his new venture of leading Gordon College. Michael is not only an eminent scholar of leadership; he is a leader in his own right. His entrepreneurial leadership at Rice has brought new opportunities to our students, and an intensified emphasis on leadership to our campus. I have no doubt that Michael will be a superb president for Gordon College.

David Leebron
President, Rice University

Michael Lindsay's selection as the new president of Gordon College is an exciting step for this widely-admired college. Michael's leadership, acumen, and scholarship will further enhance the national profile of Gordon's rigorous academic offerings, research achievements, distinctively Christian commitment, and rich student life.

Cherie Harder

President, The Trinity Forum

The announcement that Gordon College has asked Michael Lindsay to be its next president is very good news. Gordon has long played an important role in nurturing the right kind of Christian learning in New England and throughout the nation as a whole. It has enjoyed sterling leadership in recent decades with Richard Gross and Judson Carlberg as presidents. Michael Lindsay brings to the very challenging demands of a college president proven scholarship, demonstrated administrative ability, and strong evangelical commitments. He is the right choice for the right college at the right time.

Mark A. Noll
Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

I am delighted that Michael Lindsay has been appointed as the next president of Gordon College. I have great admiration for Gordon College and believe firmly that Michael Lindsay can bring superb vision and leadership to this important position. Michael is an outstanding scholar and teacher and an incisive student of leadership. Fully at home in the academy and the church, he will bring great strength to Gordon’s mission of building a first-rate Christian college.

Nathan O. Hatch
President, Wake Forest University