Private lesson

Applied Lessons

As a music major or minor, you will take applied lessons on your primary instrument over the course of your undergraduate career. Over 25 full and part-time instructors are available to teach applied lessons to majors and minors. These instructors are highly experienced and well-regarded performers and educators from the greater Boston area. Read more about them here>>

As part of your private study, you will:

  • Perform in musicianship class at least twice a semester
  • Perform in a class recital once a year
  • Perform a jury before the applied faculty at the end of each semester
  • Perform a junior and senior recital as a BM in Performance major, or a senior recital as a BM in Music Education major. BA in Music majors may also have the option of performing a senior project recital.

Furthermore, you may have the opportunity to perform in master-classes for guest artists, in non-degree recitals, in studio recitals, or in special events organized off-campus.

In four years of undergraduate applied study with the guidance of your applied instructor, you will make significant progress with your technique, level of musicianship, breadth and depth of repertoire, and independence as a self-regulated learner. The end goal for all music majors and minors is to graduate as a musically mature, mentally confident, and technically proficient performer.

A note for non-music majors:
All non-music majors are welcome to take non-credit applied lessons with instructors and faculty from the Department of Music. Non-music majors wishing to take applied lessons for credit must first audition for Department of Music faculty.

Please contact for further information about the sign-up process.