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Launch your finance, business or nonprofit career in as little as one year!

Are you looking for a fast, rigorous and affordable way to launch or level up your career in business or finance?

Gordon’s financial analysis master’s degree program is only one-third of the price of a traditional MBA degree. Yet it fully prepares you with the applicable expertise you need to enter or advance in the fields of finance, business and nonprofit leadership.

An intensive, STEM-designated graduate degree program that integrates Christian ethics into every course, Gordon’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis can be completed in 1 year of full-time study or 2 years of part-time coursework.


Delve into your financial analysis degree in the city where the American finance industry was born.

Gordon’s campus is just north of Boston, Massachusetts, home to leading financial institutions such as Fidelity, State Street, Putnam Investments and more. Our living-and-learning environment allows you to focus on your M.S. Financial Analysis studies while fostering connections with faculty, fellow graduate students and our vast network of Christian alumni and business professionals.

Whether or not you already have experience in finance, a financial analysis master’s degree from Gordon is a great MBA alternative that will equip you with the in-demand skills and faith integration you need to succeed. You’ll graduate prepared to pursue new and emerging jobs for a successful career in today’s business industry, as well as relevant professional certification tests such as the CFA, CPA and CMA exams.

Discover Gordon's ethical financial analysis degree.


At Gordon, we approach business through a unique lens. One of our primary goals for the M.S. Financial Analysis degree program is to embed Christian ethics in the global financial industry. A Master of Science in Financial Analysis degree at Gordon is not only an efficient MBA alternative; it is also a graduate degree that inspires and empowers you to use your business and financial skills as a medium for social good, stewardship, justice and love. Today’s companies and organizations are not just hiring financial analysts who can crunch numbers. They want M.S. Financial Analysis graduates who will help them make smart business decisions while adhering to high ethical standards.


Employers also like that Gordon’s M.S. Financial Analysis degree program has been STEM designated. This designation helps your resume stand out. Plus, if you are an international student, this means you can continue your work training in the United States for a longer period of time after graduation. International students who graduate from Gordon’s STEM-designated M.S. Financial Analysis program can apply to remain in the United States for up to 3 years for postgraduate experiential training.

Why earn your master's in financial analysis at Gordon?

Our master's in financial analysis degree program is designed to complement your busy professional schedule and enable you to gain real-world experience as an intern in finance or business, or continue working in your current field, while you study. Discover other key ways we stand out as a top MBA alternative.

Learn from active business professionals

M.S. Financial Analysis program courses are taught by faculty who have held a range of financial analysis jobs and are active CEOs, executives, accountants, financial investors, portfolio managers and more.

No business experience needed

You can apply to this financial analysis degree program without prior business or math experience. Supplemental online classes will get you up to speed on key business and finance concepts prior to the start of the graduate program.

Emmanuel Appiah

"Gordon’s master’s program in financial analysis prepared me for the corporate world through the lens of a Christian worldview. I loved everything about the graduate program, from the flexibility of class schedules to the thought-provoking discussions that are grounded in faith-based learning."

Explore our Master of Science in Financial Analysis courses.

Our 36-credit M.S. Financial Analysis curriculum cuts to the chase for a challenging yet effective graduate education. Instead of giving you a broad range of business courses like a traditional MBA degree program, this graduate program focuses on applicable skills and ethical training. For example, our courses in Christian Leadership and Ethics in Business grows your decision-making and leadership skills.

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12-24 Months

Finish your M.S. Financial Analysis on Gordon's campus near Boston, MA, in 1 or 2 years.


Our master's in financial analysis degree is one-third of the price of a traditional MBA degree program.


The median annual salary of financial analysts is over $80,000 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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