We will be partnering with the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf (CCCD), a group that seeks to educate the deaf people in Jamaica in a number of ways. The deaf in Jamaica are often marginalized because schools there simply do not have the resources to teach them. Most of the people do not know Sign Language, so there is no way for them to communicate, and the families of many of the children send them away at an early age because they have no idea how to raise them. CCCD provides housing and a Christian education with the hope that every single child will leave with the knowledge and skills they need to survive and thrive—and, most importantly, a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The school has three campuses in Jamaica and one deaf village where deaf adults can live and work together (since jobs are still difficult to come by for the deaf because people cannot communicate with them). Our team will be visiting the campus and will be doing work projects and afterschool activities alongside the staff and the students.