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Mike Paul

Mike Paul

Associate Professor of Chemistry

M.Sc. Surface Science and Colloids, University of Bristol, UK
Ph.D. Materials Science and Physics, University of Bristol, UK
M.Sc. Molecular Modeling, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK
Ph.D. Theoretical Chemistry, Royal Institution of Great Britain and University College London, UK


Mike joined the Department of Chemistry at Gordon College in 2014.  His research interests lie in the areas of heterogeneous catalysis and enzyme catalysis.  He has a particular interest in the interaction and activation of small molecules on surfaces and their role in catalytic pathways.  Mike uses computational chemistry techniques to study the absorption process.  He has worked in a number of research labs both in the UK and US prior to joining Gordon where he worked on a range of real world issues including fuel cells, apoptosis signaling, synthesis gas production, graphite oxidation and  nuclear safety.  Mike also has a strong interest in secondary education having been a high school teacher for several years.


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