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Margie Deweese-Boyd

Margie DeWeese-Boyd

Associate Professor of Social Work

M.S.W. Washington University, St. Louis.
Ph.D. University of Missouri, St. Louis

Areas of expertise:


Dr. DeWeese-Boyd came to Gordon in the spring of 1999 after receiving her doctorate in political science and her M.S.W. in social and economic development. Her primary research interests are in community-based development, sustainable development, and issues of social justice. Her publications include, "The healthy city versus the luxurious city: Consumption and sustainability in Plato's Republic," authored with Ian T.E. DeWeese-Boyd (Contemporary Justice Review), and "Community versus development? Land use and development policy in Vermont as a tool toward community viability" (Community Development Journal). Currently, she is working on a grant-funded research project entitled, "The dialogic classroom: Teaching for humility and civic engagement."