This is David Lee. This is Gordon College.

David Lee is not your typical scientist. Materials physicist, successful business executive, dedicated educator—Lee's work extends beyond his lab's walls. His 11 U.S. patents range from sports equipment to tools for pharmaceuticals research. A career of innovation working with metallic glass alloys, coupled with some keen business sense, has led to successful initial public offerings for several of Lee's collaborative tech start-ups, with others still in active development. Currently Lee serves as President and Chief Technical Officer for Glassimetal Technology in Pasadena, California, and he has partnered with a Gordon alum and former student to found the Massachusetts-based tech venture, ADE3D. Lee is also one of a small handful of expert panelists consulted yearly for Golf Digest magazine's annual equipment guide.

David joined Gordon College's Physics Department in 2007, bringing with him twelve years of industry experience to help Gordon students connect their classroom experience with their real-world potential. As department chair, Lee built the College's 3-2 engineering into a top-rate option for driven engineering students, he expanded student research and internship opportunities, and he instituted enrichment and outreach programs including weekly study sessions for local high schoolers. 

Look for the Gordon College print ad featuring David in the November 2012 issue of Christianity Today.


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