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Share Your La Vida Story

At some point in our lives, we all heard a story that has inspired us, or we have lived out our own story in a way that has inspired others. For almost 50 years, La Vida has been a place for the living and telling of these stories. With this in mind, we have decided that someone should collect and preserve these stories for generations to come. Who better to collect and share all of these great memories and share them so they can inspire others, than Rich Obenschain, whose faithfulness in living out his own story with La Vida has inspired so many.

Share Your La Vida Story

If you are interested in sharing how La Vida has impacted your life or would like to connect us with others who you think might want to tell their story, please fill out the following information. Rich Obenschain will contact you with further details to set up a meeting where more information can be provided.

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8. Short summary of your La Vida story (3-5 sentences)