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Nehemiah Crew Application


Applications are now being accepted for the Nehemiah Crew within the Adirondack program. Please fill out the application below and submit before April 1, 2014. Upon completion, applicants will receive an email from the ADK Director with further instructions. After submitting this application, please distribute the Nehemiah Crew recommendation form link to three people who are familiar with your work, ministry and character. Your application will not be complete without these recommendations. For more information about La Vida ADK staff positions, please the director.

Nehemiah Crew Application 2014

YOU ONLY HAVE 30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS FORM! After that time, you will be bumped out of the system and all information will be lost.

1. Date of Application:

2. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial):

3. Nickname:

4. Date of Birth (00/00/0000):

5. What is your current year in school?

6. Present Address (Street, City, State, Zip):

7. Day Phone:

8. Cell Phone:

9. Email Address:

10. Why do you want to join the Nehemiah Crew this summer? What do you hope to gain from your experience on this program?

11. What is one lesson you took from your La Vida trip that you still use in your life today? If you have not done La Vida, what is an experience that has caused growth in your life recently?

12. How has your spiritual walk been impacted by your La Vida experience? Has it been hard to follow through on things you wanted to do after your trip?

13. What are some gifts or talents you have that will be a benefit to the La Vida ministry?

14. What are some areas you hope to grow in by being involved with the Nehemiah Crew? How might the Nehemiah Crew help you grow?

15. REFERENCES: Please list your three references below. Make sure to include their name, address, phone number and relationship to you. You will need to send three people a link to the Nehemiah Crew Recommendation Form in order to complete your application. This link can be found on this page or in the application email sent by the ADK director. These people should be familiar with your work and have been in a position to evaluate you in areas relevant to working at La Vida. Possible recommenders include: one family member, coach, boss, youth pastor, Teacher, Mentor, Etc.

16. Do you have any other questions for the ADK Director at this point in time?

17. I have reviewed this application thoroughly. The information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my signature indicates my commitment to La Vida philosophies and policies and my willingness to adhere to them throughout the duration of my employment with the program.


18. Signature:

19. Date of Signature (00/00/0000):