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Giving to La Vida

The La Vida Belay Team is an association of alumni, friends, supporters and ministry partners who are committed to the vision and purpose of the La Vida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership.

To “belay” means to “hold fast.” Belaying used to be a two-person activity involving a climber and a belayer. Now, with new challenge course protocols, the belay team is comprised of the primary belayer, the secondary belayer, an anchor to keep the belayer grounded, a ladder holder, a rope coiler to keep things organized, and encouragers who help climbers focus on their goals and to do things they couldn’t do on their own.

“The experiences I had on La Vida will impact my life forever. The ways God taught me who He wanted me to be will always stay with me.”

What Role Does the La Vida Belay Team Fulfill for the Center?
The Belay Team helps the La Vida Center follow Joshua’s words in Joshua 23:8—“Hold fast to the Lord your God.” The Belay Team has the opportunity to help the full- and part-time staff to “hold fast” to the vision God has set before them—by anchoring, supporting, backing up and encouraging. These supporters play a vital role in helping the Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership remain strong and effective. Team members serve in various capacities: on the La Vida Advisory Council; helping with staff training; supporting La Vida financially; assisting with special projects or fundraisers; spreading the word about La Vida; and praying for the program, especially for Sherpas, instructors and students.

How Will Your Financial Gift be Used?
Your gift may be designated to one of four areas:

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Created in honor of Rich Obenschain, who served for over 35 years as the founder and director of La Vida, the Servant Leadership Award provides financial assistance so no person wanting to participate in La Vida programs is turned away.

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A Property Renovations Fund that will help make needed repairs at the New York Base Camp or add to the La Vida resources on the Gordon College campus for Adventure Camp, Adventure Pursuits and Discovery.

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La Vida Belay Team is a General Fund that supports many aspects of the program—like helping cover the summer stipends of the Adirondack and Adventure Camp instructors and sending service-learning teams to international sites to develop wilderness and adventure ministries worldwide.

Please Help La Vida Support Future Generations.

Please specify "La Vida" as the gift designation.
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