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ADK Staff Recommendation Form

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the recommendation form below. This part of the application process is crucial to the development of the ADK Program.

All recommendations for the 2019 season are due December 1, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: This form needs to be completed within 30 minutes or the page will time out and all information will be lost. To avoid losing written content, you may prefer to write your thoughts in a word processor program first, and then copy and paste the material into this form.

La Vida Staff Recommendation Form

1. Person Filling out Recommendation:

2. La Vida Staff Applicant Name:

3. Christian Commitment:

4. Please Explain:

5. Application of Scripture:

6. Please Explain:

7. Physical Fitness:

8. Please Explain:

9. Leadership Potential:

10. Please Explain:

11. Emotional Strength:

12. Please Explain:

13. Communication Skills:

14. Please Explain:

15. Work Ethic:

16. Please Explain:

17. Ability to Work with Others:

18. Please Explain:

19. Limitations: Listed below are some of the tendencies that, if present, although not disqualifying, may reduce the effectiveness of the applicant's service. Please check any traits you have observed in the applicant.

Very Critical
Jokingly Critical
Easily Embarrassed
Easily Offended
Easily Discouraged
Easily Irritated
Frequently Worried
Prejudiced Toward Groups, Race or Nationalities
Given to Exclusive and Absorbing Friendships
Lacking in Humor or Inability to Take a Joke
None Observed

20. What are three of the applicant's gifts? (What can they bring to the La Vida staff and give to the high school and college-aged students they work with in the wilderness?)

21. What are three areas in which this applicant needs further development? (What do they need to improve upon for community life and ministry to students?)

22. What leadership traits does the applicant possess?

23. Based on your understanding of the La Vida Program and your knowledge of the applicant, please explain how you feel he/she would perform in such a wilderness ministry position:

24. Do you recommend this individual for a position with the La Vida ministry?

Strongly Recommend
Recommend with Reservations
Do Not Recommend

25. Signature:

26. Email Address:

27. Date Signed (00/00/0000):