Koinonia Mentor Application

Koinonia Mentor Application

Thank you for your interest in connecting with the International Student community. Koinonia is a great way for you to welcome new International Students to Gordon College.

If you are approved as a Koinonia Mentor, International Student Services will match you with an incoming International Student as your Mentee. This semester-long Mentorship Program hopes to help you cultivate a casual relationship with your match, which will allow you to be a resource for them as they transition to life here on campus. You will be given a Mentorship Manual with helpful information to prepare you, and 10 weeks’ worth of topics to facilitate conversation with your student. The Manual is designed to be a helpful guide, but you are free to use (or not use) the manual as you please. On average, mentorship pairs might meet twice a month, but this is a flexible program, so that you and your mentee can decide the level of commitment you would like and how often you’d like to meet. Hopefully, you and your mentored student will cultivate a friendship that will allow you both to learn from each other, as you come alongside them in their transition.

Please complete the following questions in order to assist our office in matching you with a student. This information will not be shared with the student. It will only be used for the purpose of making mentorship matches.

1. Name:

2. Email Address:

3. Preferred Phone Number:

4. Gender:


5. I am a:


6. If you are a student, what year are you at Gordon? (as of Fall 2015)

7. What church do you attend?

8. How involved are you expecting to be with your mentee? What do you hope to gain/share by being a mentor?

9. What are you involved in, or where are you employed, on campus?

10. Would you prefer to be matched with a student from a particular region? If so, where, and why?

11. Why are you interested in becoming a mentor to an incoming international student?

12. Do you have any concerns with being a mentor, or with being matched with a mentee?

13. If you have already mutually identified a student with whom you'd like to be paired, please give their name.

14. If you are not employed by Gordon College, please list a reference from the college and their contact information (email address is fine):

15. Any other questions or comments?