Koinonia Host Application

Koinonia Host Application

Thank you for your interest in connecting with Gordon’s International Student Community. Koinonia is a great way for you to welcome the International Student Community at Gordon College to New England.

While the Global Education Office will arrange your initial match(es), you and the student(s) will take initiative to meet throughout the year, and potentially, into the following years of their college experience. The relationship is casual and should consist of occasional get-togethers. Some students will meet with their hosts weekly, while others will prefer to meet on a monthly basis. With careful cultivation, friendships started in this program could last for many years and provide unique opportunities for you (and your family) to learn from students all over the world as they learn from you.

International Students live on campus and should not expect housing at any time unless invited by you for long breaks, over the summer, etc. Here are a few event ideas to get you started: having the student to your home for dinner, inviting them to join your family for a special church service, seasonal activities like apple picking, attending a local parade for the 4th of July, holiday celebrations, practical assistance like making a run to the mall, etc. Students can also invite their hosts to on-campus events such as concerts or athletic matches. This should turn into a friendship, not merely one side serving the other.

Please complete the following questions in order to assist our office in matching you with a student. This information will not be shared with the student. It will only be used for the purpose of making host-student matches.

1. Name:

2. Email Address:

3. Preferred Phone Number:

4. Gender:


5. Locations of International Travel or Study – list amount of time and purpose (ie: Touring: Italy, Greece, Wales, Undergraduate: China, Graduate: Australia):

6. What languages do you speak?

7. What church do you attend? If possible, would you appreciate being matched with a student who attends this church?

8. How involved do you expect/hope to be with your host student? How frequently do you hope to connect with them? What do you hope to gain/share during this program?

9. What does your family unit look like? Do you have children or pets? Please expound (genders, ages where appropriate).

10. Would you prefer to be matched with a student from a certain country, relevant language experience, or with a specific background? Or gender?

11. What are your hobbies or interests/typical family activities to which the student might be invited?

12. In what career/discipline areas do you have experience (feel free to include those of individuals living at your home as this information could be helpful in connecting with the student)?

13. Does your family practice or have any particular dietary restrictions (Vegan, Gluten Free, Peanut Allergies, etc.)?

14. What else would you like your student to know about you?

15. Do you have any concerns about being matched?

16. Some students would prefer being matched along with a friend or fellow student, would you be open to hosting more than one student? If your answer is yes, what number would you prefer?

17. If you have already mutually identified a participant with whom to be matched, please list their full name:

18. Most international students will not have their own transportation available, are you willing to provide them with a ride to visit with you as necessary?


19. Would you be willing to host the student for a special occasion such as Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas, Easter or spring break? Please list what holidays you are available for hosting.

20. If you are not employed by Gordon College, please list a reference from the college and their contact information (email address is fine):