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Koinonia Mentorship Program

Koinonia is a program that connects international students studying at Gordon College with individuals and families in the community, including faculty, staff, area church members, and upper classmen students of the college. Koinonia is the Greek word used in the New Testament to mean 'communion', 'joint participation', the 'share' or 'portion' which one has in anything—in essence, it means community. It is our hope that these host-student pairings will create opportunities to learn from each other as you build relationships. Real relationships with members of the community are critical to international students’ success and are always highlighted when students talk about what makes Gordon unique.

Here are a few activities that you might do together:

  • Share a meal/ coffee/ tea together.
  • Go for a walk
  • Participate in a special church service or seasonal activity together, such as apple picking, ISO event, and/or Koinonia event.
  • Learn about a holiday celebrated in another part of the world.
  • Provide practical assistance, like making a run to the mall or a ride to the airport.
  • Students can also invite their hosts to campus events such as concerts, athletic matches or ISO events.

To participate community members and students complete the appropriate profile below, and will be matched accordingly. All faculty and staff are invited to participate. Non-employees of the college are welcome to participate with a reference provided from an employee of the college.

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