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JAF Application

Below is the JAF Application. A completed application will include the three items below and can be sent to jaf:

  • Short (150–250 word) statement of interest in program* (i.e. why would this program benefit you?), indicating your level of commitment to the program for a full academic year. Included in the application below.
  • Sample of writing from a previous course. Submitted to
  • Letter of recommendation from your advisor or another professor who knows you well. This should be sent directly from the faculty member to and addressed to Tal Howard
Application Deadline: Friday, March 7, 2014
Interviews will be arranged for finalists once applications are received.



1. Last Name

2. First Name

3. Student I.D. Number

4. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

5. Gordon Mailbox #

6. Gordon Residence Hall and Room (ex. Chase 222)

7. Gordon Extension (if used)

8. Cell Phone (000-000-0000)

9. Gordon Email

10. Other email (if used)

11. Gender


12. Hometown (City, State, and Country if not U.S.)

13. Church Affiliation

14. Year at Gordon (current)


15. GPA (current cumulative)

16. Major(s)/Minor(s)

17. Extracurricular Activities

18. Statement of Interest (150-200 words)