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Spring Housing Questionnaire: On Campus

On Campus Housing Questionnaire--Spring 2019 Start

Thank you for filling this out carefully and thoughtfully! Questions? Email: Housing@gordon.edu

1. First Name:

2. Last Name:

3. Preferred first name

4. Preferred email address

5. Cell Phone

6. Age

7. Gender


8. Student Status

Consortium Visitor

9. Do you have a residence hall preference? If yes, specify below. (To view options, visit www.gordon.edu/residencehalls) Preferences will be honored based on deposit date and availability. *Please note, listing Fulton or Chase as a preference means that being placed in a triple room is a possibility.

10. Do you have a specific roommate request? If yes, specify below. (Please note that roommate requests must be made before Jan. 2, 2019, and must also be confirmed by the requested roommate in order to be honored.)

11. Do you have any health concerns or physical disabilities that would affect your housing assignment? If yes, specify and explain. *Please note that if you feel that you will need some type of accommodation for this concern, you will need to provide our office with medical documentation of your need.

12. Are you planning on being a part of one of our collegiate athletic teams? If yes, which one?

13. What type of housing environment do you prefer?

Not quiet

14. How would you rate yourself on neatness?

Somewhat tidy

15. Would you describe yourself as a(n):

Early Riser
Night Owl