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Fall On Campus Housing Questionnaire

On Campus Housing Questionnaire--Fall 2018 start

Thank you for filling this out carefully and thoughtfully. Questions? Email: Housing@gordon.edu

1. First Name:

2. Last Name:

3. Preferred first name

4. Preferred email address

5. Street Address

6. City, State, Zip

7. Country of Residence

8. Passport country

9. Home Phone

10. Age

11. Gender


12. Student Status:

Consortium Visitor

13. Do you have a residence hall preference? If yes, please specify... (To view options, visit www.gordon.edu/residencehalls) Please note that we will honor preferences based upon deposit date and availability.

14. We offer triple rooms at a reduced rate in our suite buildings (Chase and Fulton) that house new students. These rooms are limited and present a unique opportunity to build close friendships with two roommates. Check out www.gordon.edu/roomboard for housing prices. Please rate your interest:

Definitely, sign me up!
I want to be in Chase or Fulton so, if necessary, place me in a triple room.
I do not want to live in Chase or Fulton. I would rather live in a non-suite-style residence hall.

15. Do you have a specific roommate request? If yes, specify... (Roommate requests must be confirmed by the requested roommate in order to be honored)

16. Do you have any health concerns or physical disabilities that would affect your housing assignment? If yes, specify and explain. *Please note that if you feel that you will need some type of accommodation for this concern, you will need to provide our office with medical documentation of your need.

17. Are you planning on being a part of one of our collegiate athletic teams? If yes, which one?

18. What type of housing environment do you prefer?

Not quiet

19. How would you rate yourself on neatness?

Somewhat tidy

20. Would you describe yourself as a(n):

Early Riser
Night Owl

21. What are your interests and hobbies?

22. What kind of music do you prefer?

23. What are your career goals?