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Medication Policies

Controlled Substances & Prescribing Policy

A prescription may be requested for existing medications when documentation of the diagnosis and prescription is provided in the student’s medical record. 

The Health Center does not diagnose or provide new prescriptions for medication for ADD/ADHD. A full neuropsychiatric evaluation is necessary for the diagnosis of these disorders. 

A copy of that evaluation must be retained in the student’s medical file.

The Health Center is happy to provide referral information for a neuropsychiatric evaluation.

Once the evaluation is complete and the initial dosage is prescribed by the specialist, the student may request a refill for that prescription from the providers in the Student Health Center.

  • Dosages will NOT be adjusted by a provider in the Health Center; the original prescriber must be contacted for these changes.
  • Lost prescriptions will NOT be replaced.
  • All medications are to be taken as prescribed and are NEVER to be shared with or sold to another person.
  • Prescriptions for narcotics will not be provided.
  • Prescriptions for medicinal marijuana will not be provided.
  • Prescriptions for Accutane cannot be provided.
  • Prescription providers may be the MD, NP or PA.
  • Providers may elect not to refill any given prescription at their own discretion.