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Clinical Services

A Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant is available here at the Health Center 20-24 hours per week. A registered nurse is available during office hours to answer routine medical questions at the center, or by phone at 978.867.4300. All visits are billed to the student's health insurance policy; co-payments and deductibles apply and referrals may be necessary.


  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute illness, injury, chronic conditions, and preventive counseling and education
  • Same day care by appointment for illness and injuries that need immediate attention during office hours by calling the health center at 978.867.4300.
  • Referrals to area clinicians and specialists if a consultation is needed 
  • Limited Immunizations available, which are charged to the student’s insurance:
    Flu Shots
    TB Test
    Hep A
    Hep B
    Td Booster
  • Sports medicine 
  • Physical exams for certain situations (study abroad, employment clearance, etc.)
  • Travel Clinic information and immunizations for mission field trips
  • Health education and wellness promotion 
  • Laboratory testing (draw fee charged to the student’s insurance; lab fee charged from outside Lab processing, LabCorp) 
  • Loan items: Crutches, Heating pads
    Fees for unreturned items:
    Crutches — $50.00 
    Heating pads — $25.00 
  • Limited Medications
  • Resource materials on health-related topics 
  • Referrals to Physical Therapy at the Bennett Center and the Counseling Center
  • Self-Care Information on common illnesses and problems.


  • Allergy shots
  • X-ray services 
  • Nutrition consultation 
  • Diagnosis of ADD/HD or new prescriptions for medication to treat ADD/HD

Please note, we are happy to assist any student needing referral information for any service we do not provide.

Middleton Family Medicine provides comprehensive medical care for patients from infancy through adulthood on the North Shore. Our doctors are board-certified in family medicine, having trained extensively in pediatrics, internal medicine and geriatrics. Our practice also provides a comprehensive patient portal which allows patients to view test results, request refills, referrals, and communicate with our practice. This portal is also available to the students at Gordon who do not have a PCP with MFM. If a student is in need of a new primary care physician, we have four physicians to choose from, Dr. Mark Allara, Dr. Meghan Tramontozzi, Dr. Michael Yoon, and Dr. Dana Mann.  We also have an endocrinologist, Dr. Dominica Costello. Dr. Costello also manages the North Shore Weight Management Program onsite.

In partnering with Gordon College, we hope to be able to support the current health care system that exists on-campus by using our primary care and specialty clinicians. We are offering:

  1. Primary care providers for students who choose to have primary care provider (PCP): whether this is for convenience or due to chronic conditions that need to be monitored more closely. 
  2. Specialty services for students who have conditions or develop conditions that need to be followed, or for a consult: students will not need to choose a primary care provider (PCP) if their current PCP is willing to share records and provide referrals if needed.

Contact Information
Students who wish to sign up for a new PCP, or who wish to schedule a consult with a specialist can call 978.774.2555.

What should I do if I have been sexually assaulted?

1. Seek safety. Make sure you are in a safe place with safe people.
2. Get support. Seek out someone you trust in whom you can confide.
3. Preserve evidence. If you think you want evidence collected, do not bathe or shower, brush your teeth or go the bathroom. You will want to go directly to the ER where they will go through the important process of caring for you and preserving evidence. Do not change your clothes (if you already have, put your clothes in a clean paper bag such as a grocery store bag and bring them with you to the ER). 
4. Seek medical attention. Go to the ER at Beverly Hospital 978.922.3000 x3700. If you would like someone to go with you to the hospital, call your RA, a friend, or the Gordon Police at 978.867.3333. 

Please click here for complete information on what to do if you or a friend have been sexually assaulted. You are not alone.