Dr. Nathan O. Hatch

Wake Forest University

Dr. Nathan C. Hatch became Wake Forest's 13th president July 1, 2005. Having grown up in Columbia, South Carolina, where his father was a Presbyterian minister, Dr. Hatch is a graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois.

He received his master's and doctoral degrees from Washington University in St. Louis and held post-doctoral fellowships at Harvard and Johns Hopkins universities.

Dr. Hatch is regularly cited as one of the most influential scholars in the study of the history of religion in America. He received national acclaim for his 1989 book, The Democratization of American Christianity, in which he examines how the rise of religious groups in the early 19th century helped shape American culture and foster democracy. The book was chosen in a survey of 2,000 historians and sociologists as one of the two most important books in the study of American religion.

Dr. Nathan Hatch