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Simon Sinek once said, “It is the job of leaders to make more leaders.” That is why Gordon College and the Society for Classical Learning have launched a dynamic graduate leadership program.

Heads of Schools themselves designed this program to offer current and future administrators at classical Christian schools the opportunity to study school leadership within a professional network. At one of the few nationally ranked liberal arts colleges in the US, a hybrid learning model facilitates online classes for flexibility and on site residencies like in Orvieto, Italy, that prove invaluable to the cohort experience.

Earn your M.A. or Ed.S. in Leadership in a program uniquely tailored to the classical renewal movement. Upon completion of the program, each leader will be equipped with the knowledge, skill, and relational wisdom to thrive in whatever leadership role God calls them to.

“As Co-Directors of the Gordon program and as experienced Heads of school, we have not only enrolled in this program as students, but we have enrolled multiple members of our leadership team. We believe this is the best program available for equipping classical Christian leaders with the character and competencies they need to lead thriving schools. We invite you to learn more about the program and make the investment to raise up the next generation of classical Christian school leaders!”

In Christ,

Keith Nix

Keith Nix
Head of School

Eric Cook

Eric Cook
President of SCL

"The Classical School Leaders Program at Gordon was exactly the graduate program I was looking for. Each class was relevant and deeply formational. As a young Head of School, I thoroughly enjoyed walking through this program with a cohort of other school leaders and learning from their wisdom and experience. The school that I lead is growing and in a healthier place because of this program."
Morgan Shillow, Head of School
St. Paul Community School Oklahoma City


A schedule you can manage. The MA in Leadership program is designed for working professionals. Synchronous online classes during the semester and in-person residencies create a learning experience that fosters community and flexibility. Each cohort launches with a two-week summer residency. Learn more about courses ➔

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Annual two-week summer residencies take students to Orvieto, Italy (north of Rome), Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts (northeast of Boston), or another classical environment as an opportunity to bring students together for intensive and experiential learning, mentoring, and networking.

Residence Life

Orvieto, Italy

Residence Life

Portland, Oregon

Residence Life

Wenham, Massachusetts

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"Cultivating the next generation of classical school leaders is a great need as classical, liberal arts education expands around the U.S. and the world. The MA in Leadership for Classical Schools at Gordon College will help meet this critical need and advance the renewal."
Christopher Perrin, M.Div, Ph.D.
CEO Classical Academic Press