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Gordon Bound

Open house and overnight experience for admitted students

Gordon Bound

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Visit scholarships available!*

$1,000/year ($4,000 over four years) for seniors who attend an official Admissions open house day through April of 2020, and $500/year ($2,000 over four years) for sophomores or juniors who visit before May of 2020.

Get to know your new home turf.
Become a full-fledged Gordon student (sans the homework) for a weekend. Join other admitted students as you meet professors, attend Chapel/Convocation, hang out with current students, stay overnight in a residence hall and start making some college memories. Maybe you’ll even meet a future roommate, La Vida-mate or classmate. Or scout out a few favorites spots for future reading and hammocking.

Flying into Boston for Gordon Bound? We’ll take care of you! Learn more ➔ 



Get an inside look at student life and meet your future classmates

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Hear from faculty in the major that interests you at the Academic Session


Hear our gospel choir, God's Chosen, along with performances by groups and choirs from churches around the New England area


Be honored for your merit-based award at a special scholarship recognition ceremony hosted by the president


Gordon Bound is open to admitted students.

*Visit scholarships are included in a student’s financial aid package if the student enrolls at Gordon. Seniors are eligible if they have completed an official Admissions drop-in visit before Christmas 2019 or any Admissions open house day through April of 2020. The visit scholarship is not a travel reimbursement and is only available to students who enroll at Gordon. This offer cannot be stacked onto Global Honors Scholars or Clarendon Scholars awards.

Visitor Resources

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Area Guide
Gordon's guide to the North Shore.

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Directions and Campus Map
Getting to Gordon


On-Campus Housing
Information about staying on campus for prospective students


Prospective Student Transportation
Request transportation to Gordon


Local Accommodations
Places to stay in the area


Visitor FAQs
Commonly asked questions about visiting campus

Have a group of friends—from your youth group or high school—who want to visit Gordon with you? Come as a group! Learn more ➔

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