Waiting for Godot

“One of the most noble and moving plays of our generation, a threnody of hope deceived and deferred but never extinguished; a play suffused with tenderness for the whole human perplexity; with phrases that come like a sharp stab of beauty and pain.” –The Times (London)

Director Norman Jones reimagines Samuel Beckett’s classic absurdist tragicomedy in this new production of Waiting For Godot, a show he describes as “poignant, endearing, and surprisingly funny…a tale of desperate attempts to find meaning in an uncertain world.”

Performed once before at Gordon College, this production of Waiting For Godot emphasizes not the futility of man’s hope—as many productions are wont to do—but the “insidious nature of hope”: how and why do we continue to hope when it seems like there is no hope left?

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