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Global Honors Institute

At Gordon, we believe honor is more than a curriculum or program.
We believe honor means cultivating a life that is rooted in faith, characterized by virtue and expressed with excellence, for the good of the world, and to the glory of God.

This pursuit of honor is centered around words like wisdom, gratitude, compassion, and service. It requires determination, humility, sacrifice, and perseverance. Cultivating an honorable life at Gordon means:

  • challenging experiences,
  • exciting opportunities,
  • and unparalleled intellectual, personal and spiritual growth.

The Scriptures inform us that the kingdom of God is a global one. With advances in technology and communication, the extent of the world’s needs—and its diversity—are always before us. As a result, Christ-like character, global experiences and cross-cultural intelligence are essential in preparing for leadership and service. This is why we use “global” as an overarching theme for our honors programs. We seek to address the unique needs, capabilities and callings of honors students – and a primary way to prepare them well for Christian lives of influence is to lay a foundation of globally-minded care and awareness.


The four-year scholarship programs are built on the cohort model of learning and provide significant financial aid. Each year a new cohort of students enters each of these programs as freshmen, and travel through all four years of their Gordon experience together. Students will travel, study and serve together as they explore their unique gifts, opportunities and callings.

Global Honors Scholars
AJ Gordon Scholars
Clarendon Scholars


In addition to the four-year honors programs, Gordon offers a range of additional honors opportunities. Spend a year with the Martha D. Frost Fellows, study the great books, design your own major, or spend a semester in Oxford. Be challenged in ways that are important to you.


In addition to the programs housed under the Global Honors Institute, Gordon houses a variety of other distinguished opportunities that students can take advantage of while they’re here. Particularly during their junior and senior years, students can pursue these advanced offerings, depending on their academic standing and acceptance into the program.

Presidential Fellows ➔
JAF International Seminar in Italy ➔
Gordon Plus ➔
Gordon-Conwell Partnership for Advanced Standing ➔


Opportunities for advanced study and research are available to students at different times throughout their four years at Gordon. This chart outlines the varying start dates for our honors programs, which span from one-year to four-year commitments.

First-Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year
Global Honors Scholars*
A. J. Gordon Scholars*
Clarendon Scholars*
Martha D. Frost Fellows Program      
  Jerusalem & Athens Forum Jerusalem & Athens Forum Jerusalem & Athens Forum
  Pike Program
    Scholar's Semester in Oxford Scholar's Semester in Oxford
    Departmental Honors

* Requires invitation from the Admissions Office during senior year of high school. 


Dr. William D. Barker

Trudy Summers
Programs Manager, Global Honors Institute