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Global Understanding Core Abroad

What is COR210 and 211 and why do I need it?

COR210 New Perspectives in Crossing Cultures I (0-credit) consists of one all-day Saturday session taken the semester BEFORE you study off-campus. $50 lab fee applies.

This course equips students to reflect purposefully upon the theory and praxis of what it means to be citizen-sojourners rather than passive onlookers or blithe consumers of “culture”.  It examines the interpretation of cultural difference, ethnocentrism, transitioning and crossing cultural boundaries. It addresses how culture shapes behavior and values--an issue that will soon be lived reality for off-campus students.

COR211 New Perspectives in Crossing Cultures 2 (0-credit) consists of one all-day Saturday session the semester when you return to campus. $50 lab fee applies.

Nobody knows better than a returning student the inadequacy of the question “How was your semester abroad?" It's almost an impossible question. Returning students occupy a unique space between homeland and “foreign home,” and the integration of the two is a complicated journey that requires both time and space. This course equips students to ask the deeper questions of their global experience and take up the challenge of being a citizen-sojourner.

Who can take COR210/211 and how do I register?

On your GEO application for study abroad, you'll also be asked to indicate that you have or will be registering for the course. Students planning to study off-campus in qualifying semester programs and international seminars will be sent a link by the GEO to register.

If you have a question about getting registered and participating, email