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International Seminar and Summer Programs

As Gordon and the GEO continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 around the world, we look forward to more students going global for their education in the future. Given the ongoing concerns globally with the pandemic, we have drastically limited the number of students going abroad in the spring semester and will not run our summer 2021 programs. Students interested in studying off-campus next year are still encouraged to apply and to meet with the GEO to explore opportunities and discuss questions or concerns.

Short-term Study Abroad for Scholars and Adventurers
Not sure you can fit a whole semester (or two) abroad into your schedule? Need another reason to study internationally with your favorite professor? International seminars are your ticket. Take a two- or three-week class at an international location in between semesters. In recent years, students have trekked through the wilds of New Zealand to get a glimpse of unique bird species, visited Jesus’ burial site in Jerusalem, interned in the bustling city of Hong Kong, and attended a Shakespearean play in Shakespeare’s iconic Globe Theatre in London. Check out our current international seminars below.

JAF291: International Seminar In Italy

Priority Application Deadline: TBA

Baltics Seminar
Contact: Michael.Jacobs@gordon.edu

British Theatre International Seminar
Contact: Norm.Jones@gordon.edu

Sri Lanka International Seminar 
Contact: Geo@gordon.edu

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