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Creating Generational Legacy Learning Experience

In this time of stock market uncertainty and unrest, Gordon College is offering a 10-week online learning experience for families about healthy money habits. Participants will learn important concepts and practices around communication, entrepreneurship and disciplines that will prepare the next generation for the responsibility of money.

The learning experience is hosted and offered by Tom and Cathy Rogerson of GenLeg Co, whose backgrounds in wealth management, communication and relationship coaching offer the ideal expertise for families to help them create and maintain a generational legacy. Tom and Cathy are long-time friends of Gordon College.

The experience will go from October 5 to December 20 (one week off for Thanksgiving). Each week, participants will engage with the material on their own time, but should plan to complete assignments each week. A typical week involves watching video, and for those wanting to engage at a deeper level, answering prompts and interacting with other course participants through comments and questions.

Watch the brief intro video from Tom to see if this experience could be right for you. Gordon College and GenLeg Co are partnering together to offer this experience to Partners for a greatly reduced cost of $199.

We hope you’ll join other Gordon Partners in this exclusive offering.

"Creating Generational Legacy" is hosted by the Missional Institute, an online Christian resource. The Missional Institute believes everyone is both a Learner and Teacher. They help create dynamic online experiences that transform the way you learn and teach.

You can register for this course on their website: