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April 25 Gordon Experience Day Registration

April 2014 Gordon Experience Registration

Please fill out the following form to register for this event.

1. Register for the following event:

Coast to Coast + Gordon Experience Day (Thursday through Saturday, for students travelling 1,000+ miles)
Gordon Experience Day + Friday Overnight
Gordon Experience Day ONLY

2. Last Name

3. First Name

4. Address

5. Address (cont.)

6. City

7. State

8. Zip

9. Country

10. Phone

11. Cell Phone (phone you'll be traveling with)

12. Email (confirmation sent to this address)

13. Parent Email (please provide if the parent would like to receive a confirmation)

14. Gender


15. Date of Birth (mm/dd/year)

16. Intended Major

17. When will you enter Gordon?

18. How will you enter Gordon?

Nondegree Seeking Student

19. High School / College Name

20. Number of parents attending Friday's event:


21. Number of siblings attending Friday's event:

22. We encourage sibling(s) ages 4-14 years old to take part in the sibling program, please indicate each sibling(s) name and age in the space provided:

23. Number of other guests attending Friday's event:

24. Admissions Interview: The admissions interview is a required part of the application process and is open to high school seniors and transfers. During the April open house day we also allow juniors to complete their admissions interview.

Please schedule my admissions interview (upon check in you will receive your interview time and location)
I've already done my admissions interview
I will schedule my admissions interview at a later date

25. T-shirt size: you will receive a free Gordon t-shirt!


26. Friday Overnight for student (juniors, seniors and transfers):

Yes, I would like to stay overnight with a current Admissions student host (coordinated by Admissions)
Yes, I would like to stay overnight with a friend who is a current student (coordinated on your own)
I will not stay overnight

27. Will you need transportation? Submit your Transportation Request Form at Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to your arrival. (Provided for students who are traveling alone).


28. Please list any food allergies you may have:

29. Special Accommodations: