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Change for the Better

Gordon has spent the last 10 years proactively working to drive down the annual cost of attendance, especially in relation to peer schools:

College Sticker Price Increases Over Time

Flattening the curve. And then some.

Gordon has always been a vanguard among peers—rooted in Christ, inspired by collaboration, and free to stretch the mind, deepen the faith and elevate the contribution our graduates make in their professions, churches and communities around the globe. 

Quality and excellence were never in doubt. Whether the experience was attainable for the typical families seeking a first-rate Christian education in New England—that became another question. There has been a growing divide between our sticker price and net price over the years. A student’s investment to attend Gordon was usually competitive with their other options, but the stated “sticker price”—at one point the 4th highest among our CCCU peers—was often a nonstarter. 

No more. 

In resetting tuition and fees, the Gordon Game Change removes a barrier to initial interest in a college search and provides greater transparency in pricing that more closely reflects the real costs to students and families (prior to awarding of need-based or merit financial aid.)

Why now? Three reasons:

It’s the right thing to do.  

  • Gordon wants to model in the 21st century the original vision founder A.J. Gordon embraced more than a century ago—to prepare the people of God for the work of God. This reset makes a Gordon investment more accessible to families seeking a distinctly Christian college experience. 

It’s the right time to do it.  

  • The global pandemic has added even more burden to families in affording a college education (in both the private and public sector.) Gordon doesn’t want to play this game any longer, and we can make this move from a position of strength. 

It’s the right way to do it. 
This is the culmination of a set of iterative and interlocking strategies over the last decade. Specifically:

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