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Forrester Venture Fellows

Join campus leaders from the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) for a yearlong cohort experience culminating in a spring break trip to California’s Silicon Valley. With the guidance of CEL and an ecosystem of entrepreneurship champions, this cohort will explore start-up themes, gain invite-only access to visiting speakers, gain full access to CEL activities, and have the rare opportunity to visit some of the most innovative start-ups of our time, including Apple, Google, Pocket, New Door Ventures, Old Skool Café, Facebook, Venture Church and Not for Sale.

The Forrester Venture Fellows program fosters the imagination and ambitions of students wanting to know more about start-up culture. By engaging with a range of ventures—business, nonprofit, church, hybrid—you will feel the difference a start-up culture can make, and be inspired and equipped to become a faithful founder of your own. No other Christian liberal arts school offers such an opportunity.

Program Highlights

  • Through frequent meals and special events with your cohort, develop your convictions, consider new ideas, and be equipped to be the change you want to see.
  • Spend spring break in Silicon Valley visiting innovative business and nonprofit ventures intent on sustainable impact.
  • Familiarize yourself with the startup terrain and culture through off-campus events and even an obstacle course with seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Immerse yourself in emerging and established ventures and get to know the founders that created them.

How to Apply
Complete your admissions application by November 1 (Early Action II) or December 1 (Early Action III). 

Program Director
Lisa Buettner
Interim Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
978 867 4004