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First Semester Course Registration

Now that you've deposited and made your plans to come to Gordon, let's look at how your first semester is scheduled.

1. Complete your Academics and Advising Form. You'll find this form on the Orientation Checklist in your Admissions portal. Here is where you'll declare your first major, and concentration if applicable.  If you're interested in adding a second major or a minor you'll be able to do so in your first semester. In the meantime, just let your summer academic advisor know about your interests. In this form we'll also ask you about:

2. When you submit this form, the Registrar will use this information to begin your course registration (beginning in early May). We do this based on the first-semester courses required for your major. Be sure to submit your AP scores and transfer credits to the Registrar's Office so that we can apply these courses to your college record.  We'll also use this information to match you with your summer advisor, who will work with you to complete your course registration.

3. Complete your placement tests on GC101. Depending on your academic background and your major, you may need to complete the World Langauge Placement test or the Math Diagnostic.  Learn more by going to GC101, your summer orientation portal.  We encourage you to complete these early so that we can use this information in your first-semester scheduling. 

3. Communicate with your Summer Academic Advisor (beginning in late May). Over the summer, you will receive contact from your summer academic advisor who will review your course schedule with you, and make any registration changes. Summer academic advisors are members of the faculty or staff who are available to answer questions and to help fine-tune your academic plan for the fall. Check your email for communications from your summer advisor!

4. Meet with your Academic Advisor during orientation.  Your academic advisor will work with you to make any needed changes to your schedule. Every student will have an appointment with their advisor during orientation, which we'll schedule for you. If you have questions before then, contact Advising ([email protected]) or the Registrar ([email protected]).

Still have questions?  The Office of Academic Advising is here to help!

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