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Selecting Courses

There are a few things you need to do to set up your academic plan. You will find your personalized links to the following tasks on your New Student Task List (check your email). You can read descriptions of each of the forms below:

1. Academic Advising Form
This one-minute form asks you to declare your major area of study, and gives you a chance to indicate your interest in pursuing a second major. If you are still deciding your major, you can choose the Deciding major, and you will be able to explore your options in your first year. When you arrive at Gordon, you’ll also be assigned an academic advisor who will help you clarify your academic interests and vocational goals. 

2. Foreign Language Survey

Gordon College has a beginning foreign language requirement (101/102) as part of our core curriculum. This three-minute survey helps you explore how to meet this requirement. It also will help you determine if you need to take the foreign language placement test, and how to schedule your test online.

3. Course Preference Form  

Once you’ve completed the first two forms, you will be ready to complete your course preference form. In this twenty-minute survey, you will be able to:

  • request courses based on your selected major
  • choose a service or non-service section of The Great Conversation (COR107)
  • choose from a set of common core courses (ie. BCM101, BCM103, HIS121)
  • add a course of interest, either in your major or an elective of interest
  • decide if you are taking La Vida or Discovery as your Outdoor Education experience

When you submit this form, the Registrar will register you for classes. We try our best to match your requests with available courses, and we do this on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to submit your AP scores and transfer credits to the Registrar's Office so that we can apply these courses to your college record.

4. Communicate with your Summer Academic Advisor
Over the summer, you will receive contact from your summer academic advisor who will review your course schedule with you, and make any registration changes. Summer academic advisors are members of the faculty or staff who are available to answer questions and to help you fine-tune your academic plan for the fall. Check your email for communications from your summer advisor!