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International Students Financial Guide

The up-front cost of tuition, room and board, and fees—the “sticker price”—can be overwhelming. But at Gordon, 99% of students receive financial aid—meaning hardly anyone pays that amount! We’re breaking down the big numbers so you can see what the average international student pays to attend Gordon. Financial aid packages may be comprised of scholarships, grants and employment opportunities, and are based on a variety of factors (so keep in mind that your individual award could be above or below average, depending on your situation).

THE INVESTMENT prices based on 2020–21 academic year
Tuition + Fees: $39,230
Room + Board: $11,420
Average International Financial Aid –$20,000
Average Total Expense: $30,650

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Pie Graph of costs

Break down the Cost

Slice up the payment pie and learn what portion of the total cost is actually payable by you.


Merit-based scholarships for international students can reduce costs by up to $52,000 over four years. Special scholarships, a need-based grant and on-campus employment opportunities offer additional assistance.


What's next?


Apply for Admission and complete the International Student Finance Form 
You’ll receive a decision and notice of any merit-based scholarships within two weeks of completing your application requirements. Apply to Gordon ➔


Complete the Expanded International Student Finance Form (for accepted students)
Expanded International Student Finance Form ➔


Reserve your spot
Send in your enrollment deposit by May 1. Send in your deposit ➔