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An evening visit for busy families


Gordon Express

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Visit scholarships available!*

$1,000/year ($4,000 over four years) for seniors who attend an official Admissions open house day through April of 2020, and $500/year ($2,000 over four years) for sophomores or juniors who visit before May of 2020.

Get a fast-track visit experience—and an admissions decision
Get your visit in after school or work! Gordon Express is designed for busy schedules, offering you the chance to get a taste of the Gordon experience all in a quick evening. Join a campus tour and dinner in the dining hall. And—best of all—seniors and transfers can receive an on-the-spot admissions decision if their application is complete. Come for a visit, leave with a college decision in hand.


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Explore our snowy campus by moonlight


Enjoy dinner in Tupper Hall


Get an on-the-spot admissions decision

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Connect with your admissions counselor


*Visit scholarships are included in a student’s financial aid package if the student enrolls at Gordon. Seniors are eligible if they have completed an official Admissions drop-in visit before Christmas 2019 or any Admissions open house day through April of 2020. Juniors and sophomores are eligible if they complete any official Admissions visit (drop-in or open house) between September 1, 2019, and May 1, 2020. The visit scholarship is not a travel reimbursement and is only available to students who enroll at Gordon. This offer cannot be stacked onto Global Honors Scholars or Clarendon Scholars awards.