Convocation - Lives of Action - a Social Justice Initiative presentation
03.31.2017 - Friday, 10:25 AM - 11:10 AM
A.J. Gordon Memorial Chapel - chapel stage
Lisa Harper

Our March 31st convocation is sponsored by the Social Justice Initiative student organization and our speaker is Lisa Sharon Harper. Currently Sojourners Chief Church Engagement Officer, Ms. Harper previously served as the founding executive director of New York Faith & Justice and earned her masters degree in Human Rights from Columbia University in New York City.

Her writing has been featured on CNN Belief Blog, The National Civic Review, God’s Politics blog, The Huffington Post, The Christian Post, Relevant Magazine,, Q Ideas Blog, and Prism where she has written extensively on tax reform, comprehensive immigration reform, health care reform, poverty, racial and gender justice, and transformational civic engagement.

Her new book, "Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith" (Zondervan, September 2014), was co-authored with a team of 3 other authors. Previous books include "Left, Right & Christ: Evangelical Faith in Politics," coauthored with D.C. Innes (Elevate, October 2011); and her first book, Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican…or Democrat (The New Press, October 2008), which offers a power-packed look at the roots of evangelical faith, how Evangelicals strayed so far from those roots, and what is bringing them back.

Ms. Harper co-founded and co-directed the Envision 2008: The Gospel, Politics, and the Future conference on the campus of Princeton University (June 2008) and co-chaired the Envision 2011 symposium in New York City (June 2011). Harper was named “#5 of the Top 13 Women to Watch in 2012” by the Center for American Progress, was awarded the 2013 Faith and Justice Leadership Award by the National Black Women’s Roundtable, was recently awarded the National Council of La Raza Capital Award for Public Service for her participation as a core faster in the 2013 #Fast4Families initiative for immigration reform and was recently recognized as one of “50 Powerful Women Religious Leaders to Celebrate on International Women’s Day” by the Huffington Post.

Ms. Harper is currently in the ordination process with the Evangelical Covenant Church.