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July 15–22, 2018

Eligible applicants for Elevate 2018 must be nominated by a person familiar with their academic and leadership potential. Ideal candidates for our program are students who are curious and passionate about creative problem solving and honing their teamwork skills. We look for those who are already leaders in their community, those who are emerging leaders, and those who may not have yet seen the potential in themselves but have been noticed by others. Nominated students will receive an invitation to apply, with an application access code, by mail and by email by late November.

Elevate 2018 Nomination

Your nomination begins to consideration process for a student for Elevate 2018. On receiving your nomination, we will review and send your student(s) an invitation to apply. *Required field

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"As a school principal, I am aware of many leadership programs that are offered for students. I am cautious about advocating for programs I am unsure about. When I was working overseas, I received information about Elevate just after having finished Michael Lindsay's Faith in the Halls of Power. I was excited to see Dr. Lindsay's vision for developing young Christian leaders, and so I took a risk and nominated several students from my international school. Since then I have nominated around 15 students. Every single one has come back changed and motivated to make a difference in our school and, ultimately, in the world." 

Seth Parrish, Secondary Principal of Christian Heritage School (Trumbull, CT)