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Leadership Coaching


Research shows that students learn more from their peers than from anyone else. Elevate applies this principle with a unique leadership coaching model: diverse, interdisciplinary groups of eight to ten students develop strategies to address real community needs.

Elevate students work in small groups on a handful of student-generated projects. Each group is coached by a current Gordon student who has excelled in leadership while in college. These peer mentors are trained to identify students' strengths and challenge them to take their leadership skills to the next level. 

Elevate also emphasizes one of Gordon College's broad educational goals: faithful leadership for the common good. Whereas power and prestige can carry negative connotations, President Lindsay’s focus in leadership studies envisions Christians stewarding power in redemptive ways that lead to the flourishing of the world around us. Elevate embodies this philosophy by rooting the educational experience in the confrontation of a problem facing a local community. Students learn to leverage their talents and influence to make a difference. 

"Elevate taught me that a leader is someone who focuses on their strengths and lets others' [strengths] complement their weaknesses. Leadership isn't a one-man job; it's a team effort."

Minji Kim ’16 (Santa Clara, CA)

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