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ELEVATE 2020: July 6–11

For over 40 years, the La Vida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership at Gordon College has offered quality outdoor leadership training programs for churches, schools and youth organizations in New England and beyond. Elevate will introduce students to La Vida’s 30-element high and low ropes course, where students will further develop their teamwork and leadership skills.

Adventure learning on the ropes course provides students with opportunities to face immediate problems and work together for tangible results. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, pushing their physical and mental boundaries to overcome barriers to teamwork and effective action. Each session on the ropes course is guided by a trained staff member and debriefed by a student mentor.

In addition to cultivating problem-solving and leadership skills, adventure learning helps students deepen their friendships. Relationships grow tremendously as students learn to support and help each other along. Adventure learning is for everyone and will encourage personal growth and character development at every level of experience. These experiences are catalysts, allowing students to solve problems and develop trusting relationships within a fun, safe environment.

"The most impactful part of Elevate for me was the ropes course, because I was able to see everyone's strengths during the games we had to solve. The Leadership Lab at Gordon College, for me, is unforgettable."

Amanda Otomura '15 (São Paulo, Brazil)

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