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Philosophy of Education

Gordon College approaches education from within the framework of biblical theism, which provides a coherent perspective on life and the world. Following are the principal ingredients of our academic profession of faith:

We acknowledge the centrality of God's person and authority over all of life. God reveals Himself through His created order, the Scriptures, the work of His Spirit, and uniquely in His Son, Jesus Christ. Those within the Gordon community who have come to experience God as Father by faith in His Son know God in a personal way and seek to submit to His kingly authority in all aspects of life.

Men and women are created by God for a unique role-that of responsible image bearers and responsive servants. As such, they have dignity and worth. Although fallen creatures, they are the object of God's redeeming love and through Christ can know God and His revelation. Because humans are called to honor God with their whole being, the College is committed to the total development of its students.

All creation testifies to the God Who called it into existence, sustains it and remains sovereign over it. From this, creation derives its coherence and meaning. By virtue of the redeeming work of Christ, creation can be directed to God's service and glory.

The world of creation is entrusted to us. Our task is to discover, develop responsibly & care for it, for the benefit of all.

Faith and Learning
Truth has its origins in God, Who has chosen to reveal Himself and His truth to us. Knowledge of God is the proper setting for all understanding. Reason exercised in the framework of a faith commitment to God will nurture our faith and expand our knowledge. For us faith and learning are inseparable.

Christian Calling
The Christian's purpose in life is to enjoy God and His creation, to serve God and others, to bear witness to the Lordship of Christ and to reform society, culture and the Church by the application of Christian thought and values in all dimensions of human endeavor.

Academic Freedom
At Gordon College we recognize that God's eternal Word is the ultimate source and foundation of all truth. Thus the integrity of scholarship and loyalty to intellectual honesty are basic commitments in the search for truth.

Both the student and professor are accorded the right to know all pertinent data and relevant interpretations in all areas of study. Moreover there must be mutual insistence upon candor in revealing assumptions and in clarifying perspectives. Within our common commitment to the Bible, from which the Gordon College Statement of Faith is derived, each person in the College community may exercise the right of free judgment. If scholarship is to proceed without coercion, there must be freedom within our commitment to raise questions and explore diverse viewpoints.

Gordon College maintains that the common bonds of faith and commitment to the elements of Christian education which unite us present no impediment to the pursuit of truth, but rather provide an integrative approach to our scholarly endeavors.

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