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Economics Courses


The Department of Economics and Business offers four distinct majors: accounting, business administration, economics and finance. Students majoring in business administration may also elect to complete a concentration in international business, management, or marketing.  Students may choose only one concentration. Additionally, the department jointly sponsors with the Political Science Department the international affairs major (see Interdisciplinary/Off-Campus Programs).

All students majoring in accounting, business administration, economics or finance are required to take the following courses:

One of the following courses or equivalent validation:


Students must continuously maintain a 2.0 GPA within the major.


    The economics major is built on a solid base of economic theory and empirical tools to which the student will add applied and policy-oriented courses. The graduate with a major in economics should be well prepared for research and analysis positions in business or government. The program also prepares students for graduate-level training in business, economics, law, or public policy.

    Completing the economics major requires at most 42 credits in total. Required courses in addition to the Foundations are:

    Additional Requirements

    An additional 8 credits of coursework from the approved list below:

    Graduate Studies

    Students interested in graduate work at the masters level should take as electives:

    • MAT 122 - Calculus II 
    • MAT 232 - Linear Algebra 

    For students interested in graduate work at the PhD level, the following courses are also recommended:

    • MAT 222 - Calculus III 
    • MAT 225 - Differential Equations  
    • MAT 231 - Transition to Higher Mathematics  
    • MAT 318 - Probability
    • MAT 319 - Statistics
    • MAT 353 - Real Analysis 

      Requirements for Economics Minor

      Note that ECB 311 has a calculus prerequisite. Students interested in business or public policy applications of economics should consider ECB 211 - Statistics in Business and Economics or an equivalent course.


      International affairs majors who wish to minor in economics must take ECB 311 and at least 4 credits of economics beyond what is required for the international affairs major.