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International Business Concentration

The international business concentration is part of the business administration major.

It’s a big world out there. Learn how complex economic, political and cultural systems around the globe operate and interact. Your interest in travel, knack for languages, and knowledge of other countries and cultures will be valuable as you apply basic business foundations—like marketing, finance, management and operations—to the global context. The international business program will prepare you for a range of careers, from microfinance startups to multinational corporations. Want to change the world? Start here.

Why study international business at Gordon?

Gordon has been global from the very beginning, and we continue to expand our reach. Our highly competitive Gordon Global Internship program and more than 40 approved study abroad locations give international business students access to critical hands-on learning experiences on six continents. Our faculty bring personal experience from the global marketplace and will prepare you for excellence and mission in the field

What careers can I pursue with an international business concentration (business administration major)?

International business students have an outstanding record of acceptance to graduate programs in business, law, public policy and international affairs. Well-prepared as business professionals, they quickly establish themselves in a variety of careers, including:  

  • Foreign sales
  • Foreign currency investing
  • Trade and development
  • Nonprofit and humanitarian work
  • International banking
  • Import/export management
  • Microfinance
  • Travel and tourism

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Career Statistics from Business, Economics, Accounting, and Finance graduates:

Econ-bus alumni stats Econ-bus alumni statsInformation gathered through EMSI Data, which pulls mid-career earning information from multiple sources including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, Online job postings, individuals’ online profiles, etc.


For hands-on learning and to clarify their career goals, international business students can pursue a variety of internships at places like EMC (Brazil), JLL (Hong Kong) and the South China Morning Post, to name a few.

On campus, you will be part of a close community of supportive mentors and learners. You may have the opportunity to complete an honors project, do research with a faculty member or work as a teaching assistant. And you can take advantage of student-led opportunities, including:

  • Economics and Business Organization: features guest speakers, networking opportunities and annual trips to Boston, New York City or Washington, D.C.
  • Investment Club: builds students' in-depth investing knowledge
  • American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Executive Council: promotes an understanding of public policy issues and facilitates student trips to Washington, D.C.
  • Gordon College Student Association: liaises between students and the administration
  • Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership: equips students to initiate new and noble ventures

Global Opportunities

Expand your scope and build your international portfolio through semester-long and short-term programs. 


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