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Day of Prayer

Tuesday, November 5

On Gordon's annual Day of Prayer every fall, students, faculty and staff are given the chance to pray in a variety of Christian traditions and venues. Classes are cancelled for the day and from the early morning until late night, different prayer-centered events are offered. Examples include: hymn-singing, morning prayer walk, resident hall prayer, catacombs, corporate worship and creative prayer. Many of these prayer events are facilitated by student leaders and capture the global issues that are close to the heart of our community.

This year we will focus on praying through the Psalms. The 150 Psalms are a gift from God for His people. The Psalms instruct us, direct us, and give us a voice to praise God with all of our being. Whenever we want an example of how to honestly cry out to God in the midst of the highs or lows in life—we have the Psalms. When we need encouragement in our journey through life—we have the Psalms. In our journey with Christ right here at Gordon College, we need to hear and apply these songs, poems, and raw words of encouragement that point us back to the arms of our loving and gracious God.