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CSD Post-bacc Course Schedule

You will have the opportunity to take up to 11 on-campus courses, plus an off-campus practicum experience. While you are welcome to take courses ‘a la carte,’ if you plan to take the entire coursework for this program, good sequencing of the courses ensures a quality experience. Many courses are conveniently offered in the late afternoon and early evening, or online. Because of this, many students continue part-time work during enrollment. The full schedule includes:

First Summer Term

*ASHA Recommended Social or Behavioral Science [PSY 245: Life Span Developmental Psychology (4 cr.)]
*ASHA Recommended Biological Science [KIN 214: Human Anatomy & Physiology (4 cr.)]

Fall Term

LIN 214 Introduction to Communication Disorders (3 cr.)
LIN 200 Introduction to Linguistics (4 cr.)
EDU 300 Language Acquisition (2 cr.)
*ASHA Recommended Physical Science [PHY 111 - General Physics I (4 cr.) OR CHE 111 - Principles of Chemistry I  (4 cr.)]

Spring Term

LIN 216 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms (2 cr.)
LIN 218 Audiology (2 cr.)
LIN 303 Phonetics & Phonology (4 cr.)

Second Summer Term

CSD 371 Speech & Hearing Science (3 cr.)
CSD 425 Practicum for Speech Language Pathology Assistants (3 cr.)

*The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) requires four prerequisite courses in the basic sciences for admission to accredited graduate programs. If you do not already have acceptable course work as part of your undergraduate degree, you can take these courses simultaneously with the SLP coursework, as described above. Coursework required by ASHA includes one course each in:

  • Biological science (typically requires a lab portion to the class you select)
  • Physical science (physics and/or chemistry)
  • Social/behavioral science 
  • Statistics

Strong faculty links with schools and hospitals within our region provide CSD post-bacc students with opportunities to learn more outside the classroom. Off-campus supervisors find our students well prepared for an initial clinical practice experience, which can be a valuable resume builder prior to graduate school. This clinical practicum also meets the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Board of Registration requirement for observation if you are interested in applying for a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant License.

During the CSD425 practicum, students typically work one full day or two half days per week off-campus with speech-language pathologists as student clinicians in local schools, private practices and community-based hospitals and clinics. Consistent with ASHA recommendations, our practicum provides students with both observation and hands-on experience treating children and adults with a variety of disorders and impairments such as articulation, language, cognitive-linguistic and swallowing disorders. Most of our off-campus practicum locations are not accessible by public transportation. Consequently, it is necessary for students to have access to a car during the semester that they are enrolled in CSD425.