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Career Documents Review Request

If you are requesting an in-person review session, please be aware that we are scheduling out appointments 3-4 business days, depending on availability, and email reviews are completed within 4-5 business days. Please plan accordingly. 

Career Document Review Request

Career Counselors are available to review critical documents for your employment or graduate school application process. These documents include: résumé, cover letter, graduate school statement, personal statement, essay, LinkedIn profile, and interview thank-you emails. If you are ready to submit your application documents for review, please complete this form and then email all related documents to our department at career-services@gordon.edu. Questions listed with an asterisk (*) require a response before the form can be completed.

1. *First name

2. *Last name

3. *Email address

4. *Academic Year

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6. Minor(s)

7. *Type of document being submitted for review (please check all that apply)

Cover Letter
Graduate School Statement
Personal Statement
LinkedIn Profile
Interview Thank-You Email

8. *Would you prefer the document(s) be reviewed in person or by email?

In person appointment

9. *What is the reason for the request? (Please check all that apply)

Job Application
Internship Application
Graduate School Application
Class Assignment
Personal Interest and Development

10. What is the submission deadline for the career document(s)? (MM/DD/YYYY) Please note: provision of your deadlines does not guarantee immediate review availability. All requests are subject to current review time frames. Please plan accordingly.

11. What is your general availability? (Days and times)

12. Do you have any further information you can provide that will assist us in preparation for your document review?