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Fall Semester 2021

What You Can Expect Going into the Fall Semester

After a summer term and two semesters of successfully navigating COVID-19 with very limited positive cases on campus, Gordon has restored “near-normal” operations for the fall semester (what we’re calling “Phase Four”). With high vaccination rates on campus and in the state of Massachusetts, we are resuming an in-person learning and living model while maintaining safety measures. However, we are also carefully monitoring the Delta variant and have updated some safety protocols (get the latest on testing, masking and vaccines here). As the semester unfolds, we’ll remain agile; with the tools, techniques and technologies we’ve learned over the past several months, we will have full capacity to adjust based on unexpected developments, if needed. We are glad to be back together on campus to enjoy our vibrant, diverse community of believers for the best that Gordon has to offer.



*Traditional learning
Full operations

Learning in person

Residences occupied 

Dining full

Offices full

Campus events and activities

Routine operations

Travel, athletics and study-away programs operating

FALL 2021


*Traditional learning
Routine operations

Learning in person

Residences occupied 

Dining full, modified as needed

Offices full, modified as needed

Campus events and activities, modified as needed

Routine operations

Travel and athletics, modified as needed

Limited study-away programs

FALL 2020, SPRING 2021


*Mixed learning
Reduced operations

Learning in person and remote

Residence occupancy modified, limited 

Dining modified, limited

Offices modified contact

On-campus events and activities modified

Limited guests and community contact

Modified routine support operations

Travel and athletics limited by exception

Study-away programs suspended

QUAD 4 2020, MAY TERM 2020


*Remote learning
Limited operation

Learning  remote

Residencies in contingency only

Dining in contingency support only

Offices remote

Campus events and activities suspended

Limited campus access

Essential operations continue

Travel and athletics suspended

Study-away program suspended



*College closed
Remote operation

Learning suspended or remote

Residences closed

Dining closed

Offices closed

Campus events and activities suspended

Limited campus access

Critical operations continue

All travel and athletics suspended

Study-away programs suspended

*Gordon protocols are compliant with the CDC, Massachusetts and local guidelines and are updated as new guidance is received. Phase shifts are made with the best information available for the health and safety of Gordon students, faculty and staff, and our neighbors and guests. Changes will be made as conditions require.

Phase Four: Restored Pace

Note: All activities outlined below are subject to modifications based on local, state and national conditions throughout the fall semester. Should conditions improve or decline, we will adjust and communicate accordingly.

Course delivery

Gordon will resume a traditional, in-person course schedule for the fall semester. Modified digital live provisions will be available so that students who may be temporarily isolating or quarantining can sustain learning without absence. Fully remote learning will not be available in the fall; however, select courses will continue to be offered as online synchronous and online asynchronous as indicated in the fall schedule. Study-away programs will resume as destination conditions or modifications permit. Community-based service-learning opportunities will resume as conditions or modifications permit.

Petitions for remote learning

With this emphasis on returning to full residential learning experiences we will have fewer remote learning courses in the Fall 2021 Schedule. We recognize that in a few extraordinary circumstances crucial academic decisions will need to be made. This remote learning petition should be submitted early to explain special circumstances, and to start the conversation about how to continue academic progress in alternative ways.

Residence Life

Residence halls will be open and occupied, and visitation will be permitted (details pending). Select spaces on campus will continue to be reserved for quarantine if needed. Commuters should follow the normal request process for living off campus.

Dining Services

On-campus dining outlets will conduct full operations for students, faculty and staff, while maintaining community wellness and safety precautions (see below) and temporary support for isolating/quarantining students. Catering for campus functions as well as guest dining access will be available (details pending).

Campus Activities and Events

Gordon is preparing for a full semester schedule of in-person events with appropriate wellness and safety precautions (see below), including:

  • Chapel and Convocation 
  • Social, wellness and recreational programming
  • Student-led club and organization activities 
  • Guest speakers and community events
  • Community engagement and outreach (as conditions or modifications permit)
  • Athletics competitions (conference/competition dependent)
  • Individual and group meetings

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