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Safety Protocols

Hygiene and safety protocols

Students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to:

  • Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Wear facemasks to cover nose and mouth when in public spaces. 
  • Practice 20 seconds of handwashing with warm water and soap often. 
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Practice proper respiratory etiquette (coughing or sneezing into a tissue or upper arm). 
  • Practice social distancing in public places.
  • Sanitize shared surfaces, when appropriate.
  • Cooperate with testing and quarantine guidelines.

Cleaning protocols

Gordon has implemented a higher level of cleaning intended to kill 99.9 percent of germs. “Force of Nature” (a multi-purpose, 100 percent eco-friendly, cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant) will be distributed to all departments, and faculty/staff are expected to keep their personal spaces clean. Physical Plant will continue to clean all common areas and bathrooms, including in residence halls, daily using bleach, micro-ban and BruTab. In apartments and suite-style rooms, students are responsible for maintaining good cleaning practices. Students may be asked to assist in sanitizing common areas—such as the faucet in the restroom, exercise equipment in the Bennett Center, computer in the computer lab, place at the table in Lane, or desk in a classroom. 

Meetings, gatherings and visitors

Before interacting with the campus community, visitors will be asked to complete an online check-in (health screening) form and self-certify their compliance with state, federal and local guidance around travel. After completing the form and entering campus, visitors may not enter residence halls, classrooms or the library; visitors must always maintain social distancing and wear a mask while indoors and outdoors. Meetings and gatherings on campus should always follow the guidelines set out by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: www.mass.gov/covid.

Event policy:

Current guidelines restrict the size of most official, sanctioned indoor and outdoor events to 100 and 150 persons respectively (not including workers/staff) provided social distancing can be maintained. Current regulations do allow the College to exceed these limits for instructional purposes or for worship. At in-person events, organizers are encouraged to ask participants to show their Gordon Wellness check status before admitting them to the event. Please note that private events (those not sponsored by a college department or formal student organization) are still restricted to 10 and 25 persons respectively as these larger capacity limits only apply to official College-sponsored events. The College encourages the campus community to host events outdoors whenever possible. All events must provide for ample social distancing and event organizers will be responsible for ensuring appropriate COVID-19 protocols are followed at all times.

All events—except for events with fewer than 10 individuals indoors or 25 individuals outdoors—must be submitted to the COVID-19 Recovery Team for review. Requests should be emailed to William Hagen () and should include a description of the event and lay out how the event will follow and enforce current protocols. Event organizers should also include an explanation for why the event qualifies as either worship or instruction if applicable.