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Physical & Mental Health: Coronavirus

The stress of living through a pandemic is taxing! It’s important for all students to regularly take stock of their physical and mental health, and not be afraid to reach out for help. Gordon has staff and resources in place to support students through a challenging time.

Health Center

All Health Center visits will be by appointment only, after a pre-screening process via phone or videoconference. Depending on the circumstances, nurses may make “house calls” to a residence hall.

Center for Student Counseling and Wellness

  • Tele-health counseling services will be available, especially for students in quarantine or isolation, students who cannot physically return to campus, or students who are in a vulnerable condition due to personal health conditions.
  • In-person counseling services will be available for initial assessments, crisis counseling, counseling for individuals unable to access tele-health, or other circumstances whereby the director believes an in-person visit carries significant benefit.
  • “Supportive coaching” will be available for students who are out-of-state.
  • All appointments will be by appointment only—no walk-ins.

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