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Q: How is Gordon responding to the most recent mask guidance from the CDC?
A: Effective Wednesday, August 25, all faculty, staff, students and visitors—regardless of vaccinations status—must remain masked indoors, unless in their private workspace (e.g. office or cubicle), residence hall or when actively eating or drinking. Everyone must provide their own mask. We are constantly monitoring COVID-19 cases in our area as well as results from our campus testing and will continue to reevaluate this policy on an ongoing basis. Please note: Medical exemptions to our masking policy are approved by the on-campus Health Center. To get approval on a medical exemption, students must receive a note from their doctor and submit it to the Health Center and faculty/staff must receive a note from their doctor and submit it to HR for accommodation. 

Q: Will Gordon College require the COVID-19 vaccination to attend as a student in the fall of 2021?
A: Gordon College strongly recommends (but not requires) COVID-19 vaccination. Consistent with the annual reporting of medical history already required of students, we will ask students to self-report their vaccination status. It is possible that certain activities may require students to be vaccinated for full participation as prescribed by "professional or guild" organizations the College is involved with. In accordance with state law, individuals demonstrating a legitimate medical reason or sincerely held religious belief may be exempt from such requirement. Students who decide not to become vaccinated may be required to participate in regular COVID-19 testing and cover related fees.

Q: How do I sign up to receive a COVID-19 vaccine?
A: Gordon College will be holding a vaccine clinic on September 2 and September 23 for anyone interested in receiving the vaccine. Look for additional emails on how to sign up for this clinic. In addition, those who live, work or study in Massachusetts can visit www.mass.gov/covid-19-vaccine for information on additional vaccination sites across Massachusetts. 

Q: Will Gordon require COVID-19 testing for the fall 2021 semester?
A: All students (regardless of vaccination status) will need to receive a negative COVID-19 test prior to starting classes. In cases where this is not possible, students will need to arrange to be tested as soon as possible after they arrive on campus. For the first several weeks of the semester, Gordon will require regular surveillance testing of all students (regardless of vaccination status). Throughout the semester, Gordon will provide symptomatic testing for any students who report symptoms through the Health Center (billed through insurance as normal Health Center protocols). If you have symptoms, please report those symptoms on the https://360.gordon.edu/wellness wellness check and someone from the Health Center will contact you to arrange for a test. Learn more about testing plans for the fall 2021 semester >

Q: Where is the on-campus PCR Testing Center and when is it open? 
A: Resident students will receive asymptomatic testing in their residence halls via a pooled saliva test. Any students with COVID symptoms must report them through the 360 wellness check and contact the Health Center for a test. Commuters or others who need an individual COVID-19 PCR test can visit the on-campus PCR Testing Center, which is located in the lobby of Lewis Hall. Starting on August 25, the testing center will be open between 3–4:45 p.m. on Monday, 3–5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and 8–10 a.m. on Thursday. No appointment necessary. 

Q: What percentage of the campus community is vaccinated?
A: The vast majority of the campus community is vaccinated. 

  • In a survey of 1,228 respondents conducted before the first day of classes (on 8/25), 70% of student respondents reported that they were fully vaccinated.
  • In a pre-arrival survey conducted in late July, 91% of staff respondents and 96% of faculty respondents reported that they were or planned to be fully vaccinated for the fall.

Note: We will update these percentages again after the last on-campus vaccination clinic in September. 

Q: Is Gordon using the Wellness Check system again?
A: Gordon College has developed a (mobile friendly) daily wellness app located at https://360.gordon.edu/wellness where you should report any symptoms you may be experiencing. Students are requested to monitor symptoms carefully because especially in vaccinated students, very mild symptoms can be linked to COVID-19. Students in a green status are fully healthy and can attend classes and events as normal. If you have any symptoms and report symptoms, you will be placed in a yellow status and someone from the Health Center will contact you. Students in a yellow status are requested to wear a mask, socially distance from others, take food to-go, and not attend classes in person. Anyone in isolation or quarantine will be in a red status and will need to stay isolated or quarantined until cleared by a health professional. Initially, all students will have a red status until they submit the two required forms listed on the pre-arrival checklist

Q: What, if any, COVID-19 restrictions are in place for the fall semester?
A: After a summer term and two semesters of successfully navigating COVID-19 with very limited positive cases on campus, Gordon has restored “near-normal” operations for the fall semester (what we’re calling “Phase Four”). This means that classes will happen in-person and residence halls, dining halls, and other campus events and activities will operate normally. However, because COVID-19 is ever-evolving, we’ll remain agile; with the tools, techniques and technologies we’ve learned over the past year, we will have full capacity to adjust based on unexpected developments, if needed. Learn more about what to expect for the fall 2021 semester >

Q: How will Gordon determine any changes to protocol throughout the semester?
We will closely monitor several factors and use the data to determine any need for changes. These include testing results (how many positives and close contacts), vacancy levels in designated isolation and quarantine spaces, location of any spread (e.g. contained to a single floor or building, or scattered around campus), vaccination rates, local case numbers, and recommendations from the Board of Health in Wenham. 

Q: When am I considered “fully vaccinated”?
A: Per the CDC, you are considered “fully vaccinated” if you are 14 days past having received two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines OR 14 days past having received a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Q: I’m fully vaccinated but was identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19. Do I need to quarantine?
A. No. You do not need to quarantine, but should continue to monitor and report any symptoms. If you do develop symptoms, make sure to report the symptoms on the 360 website and quarantine.

Q: Does Gordon have any specific requirements for international students traveling to campus?
A: International students should follow the CDC guidelines for international travel to the U.S. during COVID-19.


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